Garmin BarkLimiter Dog Bark Control Collar Stop Barking 010-01070-00 for 8 lbs +

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Garmin BarkLimiter Dog Bark Control Collar Stop Barking 010-01070-00 for 8 lbs +

The BarkLimiter from Garmin is a very effective bark collar that ensures that a dog will no longer be prone to barking outbursts that can disturb the peace and quiet in a neighborhood. It uses Tri-Tronics technology that relies on identifying excessive barking through the vibrations in the throat of the dog. This eliminates the possibility of applying false corrections brought on by the scraping and scratching of surfaces or by other dogs’ barks. 

Advanced accelerometer technology allows the BarkLimiter to distinguish between excessive barking and other kinds of noises made by the dog. How? By monitoring differences in the barks which let the collar tell the difference between unwarranted barking outbursts and “positive” barks such as in the case of danger.  The collar is equipped with Advanced Bark Correction Technology that is capable of applying immediate correction only to inappropriate barking. 

There are 7 stimulation levels that can be used or you can choose a “vibration only” correction.  The BarkLimiter has an Autorise feature which allows the owner to turn on the collar and forget about the settings. The collar will automatically increase stimulation intensity gradually based on the behavior of the dog. Should the animal stop barking, the intensity will decrease automatically. The owner is also capable of selecting manual settings which allow him to adjust the correction intensity at the desired levels.

The BarkLimiter is not only easy to use, but also very durable, made to withstand intense outdoor activities of active dogs. It is waterproof in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The collar also has a Bark Odometer which lets the owner know precisely how many barks were registered while he was away. The BarkLimiter collar has adjustable stainless steel contact points which allow it to fit comfortably around the neck of all dog breeds, regardless of size and coat thickness. It is also very lightweight, even with the CR2 battery.  

Exclusive Features:

  • 7 correction levels
  • Uses stimulation combined with vibration
  • Bark Odometer keeps track of number of registered barks
  • AutoRise feature controls correction levels automatically
  • Manual settings option
  • Advanced Bark Correction Technology eliminates false corrections
  • Waterproof in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes
  • CR2 battery with 10-month battery life
  • Lightweight (2.5 ounces)
  • One year warranty
Box Includes:

  • BarkLimiter collar
  • 3/4″ black collar strap
  • CR2 battery
  • Owners Manual
  • FREE Shipping to the USA
  • Very FAST Shipping

Frequently Asked Qestions:

1.  Will the static correction hurt my dog?
No. The correction is a harmless, distracting tingle that your pet will find undesirable. The effect will startle him. This method has been proven safe and will not harm your pet.

2.  Will the Garmin BarkLimiter  work for my dog?

The Garmin Bark Control Collar is safe and effective for all breeds.
3.  Will my dog stop barking completely?
The BarkLimiter effectively and humanely stops all barking when it is worn. It should be worn during period of unwanted barking.

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Additional information

Conrol Method

Static/Shock, Vibration

Dog Size

8 pounds and Up

AutoRise Features:

Controls Correction Levels Automatically

Number of Correction Levels:

(7) Seven


3/4" Black Strap, Adjustable Shock Levels, Waterproof




CR2-User Replaceable-Long Lasting


Bark Collar




Does not apply

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