Herm Sprenger 3.9mm Chrome Spike / Pinch / Prong Collar Xlarge

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Large Size
Ultra Plate design
great training collar

Herm Sprenger | Made in Germany. In the industry, known as a prong collar, prong link collar, or pinch collar. A high quality training collar for supervised training sessions.

Herm Sprenger Training Collars are available in different finishes: steel, chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, anodized black stainless steel, and curogan. Curogan is an alloy created for dogs with a nickel sensitivity; curogan will not stain fur. Please note that Herm Sprenger collars are made with metric measurements. The manufacturer’s sizing is converted to rounded non-metric measurements for easy searching.

TRAINING COLLAR ONLY: All users of training collars/devices should be informed and be trained in how to use said training collars/devices. Never leave a dog unsupervised in a training collar/device. Do not leave training collars/devices on a dog full-time. Do not use retractable leash devices or elastic/tension leads with training collars.

SIZING, FIT, TIPS: Adjust the collar by removing or adding links to achieve a “comfort fit” – – – generally 2 inches longer than the dog’s neck circumference, a fit where the dog is comfortable when he is in training proper position and will be slightly uncomfortable when he pulls out of proper training position. Ideally train without a regular collar to avoid entangling. Position the prong collar LOW on the dog’s neck. Avoid high placement on the neck as this can be overly uncomfortable and conveys the incorrect message.

IMPORTANT: Do not use prong collars or choke/slip chains on dogs younger than 6 months. Use training collars only in training sessions. Do not leave a dog unattended or alone while wearing a prong collar. NOTE: The prong links can be removed and added as needed to achieve the appropriate fit.
Large Size
Ultra Plate design
great training collar
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