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Purchase a KONG Comfort Harness and Help a Rescued Animal get into a Hero Veteran’s or Disabled Persons Heart!

Experience more control and comfort while on walks with your dog with the KONG Comfort Dog Harness. This harness is fully adjustable and is padded on the inside for optimal comfort for your dog. You will also love the padded handle, which offers you more comfort as well as control. The end result is a harness that makes walks safer and more enjoyable for you both.

Features: Neoprene-lined handle and chest plate for comfort

Available Sizes: 
Small: Girth 16-22 in (40.6-55.9 cm)
Medium: Girth -29 in (50.8-73.7 cm)
Large: Girth 24-33 in (61.0-83.8 cm)
X-Large: Girth 32-49 in (81.3-124.5 cm)

Profits from our items go to “Matching One Loving Rescued Pet To One Deserving U.S. Vet”. We are a NV based non-profit and sell pet supplies to raise funds to match anything from a Service Dog to a Kitty to a Lizard! Proceeds pay for medical care, training, and all the supplies needed to get our Veterans going. Our organization was started and is run by ALL disabled Veterans And Families! God Bless Brenda Carlson, U.S. Navy Disabled Veteran and Founder of Hero Pets 4 Hero Vets.

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