Using a Retractable Dog Leash?

Mankind has been using dog leashes since dog and man became friends but when it comes to retractable leashes,  I definitely have a few concerns especially when they are not used correctly!

Here are a two main reasons why using a retractable leash is not really a good idea.

Retractable Leashes can Break Easily Compared to a Standard Leash.

A retractable leashes contains moving parts that can wear and tear overtime. Even with some heavy duty retractable leashes out there boasting a maximum of 100 lbs of pull force, these things have a higher chance of breaking compared to a simple and standard dog leash.

Wear and tear of parts contained in a retractable leash increases the chances of your dog getting loose.

Retractable Leashes Can Cause Injuries

Most retractable leashes on the market use a very thin cord and a thin cord can cut through flesh if the right amount of force is applied.

Not only this, if a retractable leash fails to lock while a dog is pulling, some people might grab the cord with the bare hands which can cause rope burns.

Furthermore, if a dog is running loose with a retractable leash attached, the cord can hurt people who get in between the dog and the retractable leash handle.

The Long Retractable Length of the leash Can Cause Unexpected Problems

Retractable leashes are much more dangerous to dogs because given the length of the cord that can span from 10 feet to 30 feet, the risk of entanglement is high. Entanglement can cause suffocation, cut of blood flow to a limb or organ, or even in worst case scenarios… death.

Additionally, when walking on a sidewalk near traffic, a dog may suddenly dash out on to the road and get hit by oncoming traffic.


If you use a standard traditional 6 foot leash, then these problems may not even exist at all. Remember the purpose of a leash is to keep your dog in control at all times.

A retractable leash can do this to a certain extent but considering the additional problems faced, using a simple 6 foot leash can do the job.

Retractable leashes are marketed to be a convenient tool to allow more freedom for our dog. If you want your dog to have that freedom, take them to an open ground or field where no one is present. A retractable leash will work best most likely in that type of open environment but should not be used as an everyday tool to walk your dog in public spaces.

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