Why You Should Use a Bedding For Your Dog?

Not many pet owners realize that bedding for dogs is an essential dog supply that you should always have around. This is because; as your dog gets older, having your dog lay on a hard floor or ground can affect the overall well-being and health of your dog. In terms of dog beddings, it’s better to have one now than later!

Likewise, having your dog sleep on hard floors adds pressure to joints. A dog suffering from joint problems resting on a hard floor is not getting the full rest it needs and may not be a happy dog. If your dog suffers from arthritis or some kind of joint disease like hip dysplasia, then a soft bedding can help immensely as it relieves pressure from joints whenever your dog wants to rest.

Furthermore, you don’t really need to buy a dog bedding as you can make one yourself using materials from home. A pillow or a thick yoga mat covered with a cotton sheet or towel can be good enough depending where you live. If you want to go all out with a DIY dog bedding, try using memory foam and add a nice cotton sheet to cover it. Equip a blanket heater and you will have a top class bedding for the colder months! Remember, a well rested dog is a healthy dog!

Benefits of Using a Dog Bed?

Beddings Add Insulation to Keep Your Dog Warm

A dog having a warm place to snuggle and comfortably sleep every day helps with the overall well-being (physical and mental) and health of your dog. How would you feel if you had to sleep on a cold floor every night? It doesn’t matter if your dog has a lot of hair, it’s own fur is not enough insulation for comfort. That is why it never hurts to have a dog bed for extra insulation for your dog!

Dog Beddings Can Relieve Joint Pressure

As mentioned earlier, as your dog gets older, your dog is very likely to suffer from joint problems due to aging. Your dog will thank you for providing a bed. A good soft dog bedding can really help relieve joint pressure!

Morever, older dogs especially large-sized dogs have a higher chance of suffering from arthritis or even hip dysplasia. A quality memory foam mattress or a really good soft quality pillow can help prevent premature joint problems if used early on for your dog. Personally, this is the best reason for having bedding for your dog!

A Designated Resting Space

I like to have a designated resting place for my dog. I don’t like my dog sleeping everywhere in the house. Having a designated resting place for my dog also helps me find my dog immediately. Providing quality bedding helps with that as a dog is smart enough to know that a bedding provides more comfort than a floor. I usually have a dog bed at the corner of my room and if I have to look for my dog, she will be there; if she isn’t, then I look for inside her dog crate. If she isn’t there, then I know she is somewhere she isn’t supposed to be.  9 out of 10 times my dog will either be in her crate or on her dog bed. Having a designated resting space helps with order and your peace of mind.

Helps Protect the Skin on the Elbows and Possibly other Places

Dogs, especially heavy dogs that sleep on concrete are more prone to having callouses on their elbows and this can be easily prevented with using a bed. You can see the callouses on the elbow and are most likely to see this on dogs that sleep on the streets. Dogs that sleep on a bedding or some type of soft material won’t have this problem.

What To Look For When Buying a Bedding for Dogs?

When buying a dog bedding, just be sure that the bed is thick and has enough insulation. Also be sure that the dog bedding is washable. For cleanliness, I wash my dog’s bed every week because a clean dog bed can effectively benefit the health and hygiene of your dog. A clean place to rest will no doubt provide a better and healthier environment for your dog.


Overall, a bedding for your dog can be a very wise invest for your dog. It is not a luxury item. It is an essential dog supply that can benefit the health and comfort of your dog. Also, if you want to buy a quality dog bed, make sure it is thick and is washable!

Remember that a well rested dog is a Happy Dog!

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