Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle – dog training device

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2 reviews for Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle – dog training device

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Probably the best e-collar training tool available for serious dog handlers and trainers!
    My department uses this for training our dogs and the Garmin Delta line is the most reliable we’ve used on the field.
    I would also like to thank you for providing us with replacements throughout the years. These maybe costly but they are reliable and effective.

    • topdogsupply

      Thank you for your comment and we’re really glad to hear the guys in uniform use this.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I would give this the Delta Sport XC 5 stars only if it were cheaper or if it were within the same price range as the Delta Sport. To be honest, this is probably the best e-collar out in the market right now. It’s an essential tool for dog training. Even the military and K9 Police Units use this. The only problem is its predecessor which is just as good. For for 50 bucks less, you can get the Delta Sport, which is a bit older by and really not that much different from the sport XC. Although I use the XC and it works really well with long battery life, I think the Sport is just enough for my needs esp. when considering the price. (Still better than the old days when e-collars cost 1000 bucks a piece!)

    From my experience, the only big useful difference between the old one and new one is that the XC version gives you the option to replace the prongs and you can have the bark limiting feature on while training.

    Overall, the ergonomics are the same. Battery life is good and both are water resistant. The bark limiter feature works but there are times I feel like it doesn’t work. Both give me the same results. It can be due to user error, wrong placement of the collar, or my dogs just doesn’t give a damn!

    It’s a great product and way better than those cheap Chinese knock-offs you get for less than $50. If I were to buy another training collar it would be the first version! If I had no other choice, then it would be the SPort XC.

    • topdogsupply

      Yes the price bites. But for that price, you can get assurance that the Garmin Delta Sport XC gets the job done.

      Just to let you know, the former version which is the Garmin Sport was actually about the same price as the Garmin Sport XC when it first came out. Then when the Sport XC arrived on the market, the Sport dropped in price. Although I agree with some of your comparisons, I would say that the XC is more technologically advanced and more user-friendly than the older version. Many trainers/handlers submitted feedback to Garmin and Garmin responded with improvements.

      I love all three training collars of the Delta Series (Garmin Delta, Garmin Sport, and Garmin Sport XC). But my favorite of them all is the Sport XC.

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